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Fall and Winter Fashion Color Trends for 2022/2023: The 10 Most Trending Colors

Falling leaves, cozy sweaters and jackets, delicious apple cider—fall is a time for nature’s final show before winter takes over. But it’s not just the changing leaves that give this season its unique vibe. Fashion also plays a crucial role in the mood of fall. While our eyes are filled with vibrant hues of yellow, red, orange and purple during the first few weeks of September, by October things have taken a more neutral turn. The trends you see here include both light and dark hues. Superhero-esque blues and blacks are still going strong along with plenty of earthy greens and browns. We’ve found some of the most popular colors to look out for in your new fall and winter wardrobe – including some brand new shades that may surprise you!

Basics of Fashion Color Trends

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly is the difference between a color and a trend, here’s your answer. Colors are timeless and permanent, while trends are the latest thing, and can change with the seasons. Trends are what are “in”, and the most popular fashion colors for the season are the ones worn most often by everyone. What’s trending in color will not always be the same every year either. This is because color trends are largely dependent on our cultural and social mood, as well as what’s happening in the world around us. This can affect the types of colors that are worn most often, as well as how they are worn. A good example of this is the “trend” of wearing black after someone passes away.

Darker Shades

The rise of the blue and black palette has been a long-standing trend in fashion since spring of 2018. While blue is one of the most popular colors around the world, it’s also one of the most versatile. During the fall and winter months, you’ll see it on many pieces in varying shades, like navy, indigo, and teal. Blue is always a great option for fall fashion because it can be paired with a whole range of other colors – from bold and bright, to neutral and toned-down. Black is another popular dark shade that’s expected to remain in fashion for a while. Whether it’s on an all-black outfit, or as an accent color, you’ll find plenty of people wearing it this fall. Black is great for a more edgy style and can be incorporated into many different looks.

Neutral Tones

If you’re not a fan of the darker hues in this fall’s color trends, don’t worry – there are plenty of lighter neutral tones to choose from as well! Beige is a popular neutral color that gets a slight makeover during the fall and winter months. You’ll often see it paired with other warm tones, like oranges and browns. Beige is a great choice for fall since it can be paired with various other neutral shades, as well as bolder, brighter colors like red and yellow. You’ll also notice gray and white tones being worn a lot during fall and winter. These are both simple, timeless colors that will go with almost anything. They are perfect for classic and timeless looks.

Light Colors

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd this fall and winter, you’ll be happy to know that a few vibrant colors are trending as well. One color that’s expected to be huge this fall is orange. Orange is a bold color that’s suitable for almost any season, but is especially perfect for fall. It’s a great color for layering, as well as for wearing on its own. Orange is going to be a popular color for both women and men this fall and winter, so be sure to include it in your seasonal wardrobe. You’ll also notice that yellow is a big trend this fall. It’s a bright and bold color that’s sure to get some heads turning when you wear it out.


With all the new trends and color combinations, the best way to make sure you look your best is to experiment. Try out a few different styles and colors to see what works best for you. If you want to go with a look that’s consistent with the fall/winter season, shop around to find the perfect pieces. You can even try mixing and matching different fall and winter color trends, like combining a blue top with a yellow-orange jacket! Trends come and go, but the key to staying stylish is keeping up with what’s in and knowing how to incorporate it into your look.